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Our Mobile App

To use our App you need to be a first direct customer with a compatible device. Simply download the App and follow the on-screen instructions.

What’s new in the App

View your card PIN

Don’t worry about forgetting your PIN, it’s always available to view in our App.

More about viewing your PIN

View your card details

Don’t have your card to hand? Your card number, expiry date and CVV are always available to view in our App.

More about viewing your card

Controls for your card at cash machines

Our App can be used to switch cash withdrawals on or off and change the daily withdrawal amount on your card.

Card controls for cash machines

Control where your card can be used

Our App can be used to lock and unlock your card for online, contactless or Chip and PIN transactions.

More about card controls

What’s coming soon to the App

Organise your spending

Create tags for any transaction e.g. ‘Holiday’ or ‘Wedding’. Add those tags to other transactions, then you can view all your spending for each tag.

Spending insights

See how much you're spending, on what, and who with, giving you a better understanding of where your money goes each month. 

Push notifications

Get instant notifications when money goes in and out of your accounts. These alerts can help protect you from fraud.

What else you can do in the App

Payments and transfers

Add new payees, send money between your accounts and to other people or companies. 

More about payments & transfers >

Freeze and unfreeze cards

Pause the panic when you misplace your card with the Freeze/Unfreeze button.

More about freezing your card >

Report lost or stolen cards

Report a lost or stolen card to us and find out how to replace a damaged card.

Lost or stolen cards FAQs >

Login quickly and securely

Using your face or fingerprint to login is quick and secure.

Apple Touch and Face ID >

Android fingerprint >

Statements and balances

View your statements in PDF format.

More about statements and balances >

Pay in cheques

Pay in a cheque whenever you like, it’s as simple as snapping a photo.

How to pay in a cheque >

See pending transactions

For cheques, BACs/Salary credits and Direct Debits for the next working day.

About pending transactions >

Standing orders and Direct Debits

Set up standing orders and view or amend your Direct Debits.

Standing orders and Direct Debit FAQs >

Turn gambling transactions on your card on and off

You can put a block on your debit card for gambling transactions.

Managing gambling transactions >

Add your card to your phone

Our App can be used to add your card details to your phone. This makes it easier to set up Apple Pay and Google Pay.

View Credit Card statement info

View Credit Card next payment date, minimum payment amount due and statement balance.

Online chat

Our App can be used to chat with us – go to Help > Send us a message.

Apply for our products

Our App can be used to apply for a Personal Loan, Credit Card, Regular Saver Account and Cash ISA.

Update your personal details

Update your address, phone number and email address. Go to the ‘More’ menu and select ‘Profile’.


Ready to go?

New to first direct?

You need to have a first direct Current Account before you can use our App.

Find out about our current account

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